Administrative law

Administrative law is a branch of the law that regulates public relations concerning a sphere of the executive and the administrative activity of the state. These may include issues related to the organization of the executive authorities’ activities, the provision of the legality of their activities, and the problems of the administrative justice and proceedings. Our specialists for many years are engaged in the administrative issues, ranging from the counseling, the study of the controversial issues, the representation of the interests of the customer in the pre-trial and court proceedings, and to the cases completion.

PROFECTO law firm is ready to render any legal advice in the field of the administrative law and to provide the following services:
1.    Study of the administrative case materials and their legal assessment;
2.    Full legal expertise of the documents, as well as actions of the government agencies, local authorities, etc.;
3.    Representation of the interests in all the executive bodies and local authorities;
4.    Development and submission of the procedural documents to the court;
5.    Protection of the client interests in administrative court;
6.    Preparation of the objections concerning the acts of inspections by the representatives of the GFS Ukraine territorial bodies and the other government agencies;
7.    Protection of the officials in case of the criminal proceedings in the economic activity sphere (art. art. № № 199 – 235 (199 – 235 (70, 79, 801, 803 – 804, 147-149, 153 – 153 3, 155 – 155 3, 155 7 – 155 8, 156 2 – 156 4) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The main aim at the stage of legal counseling on the administrative law is to clarify the whole situation in the industry, so you can clearly understand whether your rights were violated, learn about the possible legal ways of your rights protection, pointing to the legal rules of the law that have been violated by the authorities.

Our practice allows conducting administrative cases with the high efficiency, thus, almost all legal disputes were resolved in favor of the client. Subsequently, it had a positive effect on the business of the client, work, or the other affairs. We know how to help you and are ready to do this with 100% success.