Banking and finance

Over the years, the specialists of our company have been practicing the legal support in the sphere of banking and finance law, constantly developing the own skills and knowledge. In conjunction with the theoretical base, an extensive experience, and a great understanding of the market, the team of PROFECTO law firm provides services at the highest level and holds the leading positions in this field. Our responsibility is to run a consulting service for the lender, the borrower, the guarantor, the surety, the mortgagor, the financial advisor, the issuer, the investment bank, the organizer of financing process, and the insurer.

We provide services regarding the issues of banking and financial activities, which include:
1.    Creation and reorganization of the credit unions, insurance or leasing companies, construction financing funds, real estate transactions, investment and private pension funds, including a full support of economic activities;
2.    Maintenance of the banking activities, including consulting on the issue of the creation, reorganization, liquidation of the bank, opening of the branches and representative offices (also foreign); full support of the license obtaining, and the any other affairs connected the extension to the time period, increasing of the bank capital, opening of the letter of credit, receiving of the bank guarantees, analysis and development of credit and other banking agreement, etc.;
3.    Maintenance of the payroll and currency operations using different forms of the calculation (the bill, инкассовый расчёт, letter of credit) as well as the other transactions, including consulting on the implementation of all the currency transactions, compliance with the export and import of the goods and services, obtaining of the necessary permits for currency transactions, etc.;
4.    Accompaniment on the issues on the deposit returns of the individuals and legal entities, depositors of bankrupt banks;
5.    A full support of the operations with securities, etc.
Working in a sphere of banking and finance law, we constantly cooperate with the regulatory authorities such as the National Bank of Ukraine, the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, and Commission that performs state regulation of financial services markets. Relationships tried and tested over many years, help to serve more efficiently to our customers.