Specialists of PROFECTO law firm are the leaders in the field of the issues connected to competitive law violation and unfair competition. Cooperating with many popular companies, we have acquired a reputation of the best lawyers and attorneys among law firms, offering professional services, which help to solve all the issues connected to violation of the rights of the client.

Since foundation of our company, we have been standing for the protection of our clients from unfair competition thereby have gained efficient experience and skills in this field. It helps us to move confidently to the successful finish. The duties of the specialists include full consulting on a wide range of the issues (unfair competition, prohibited agreements, abuse of position), as well as the representation of the client in the matters of unfair competition in the courts, the Antimonopoly Committee, and the other bodies of the executive power, thinking in advance on the successful work strategy.

We perfectly know that the competitive advantage defines the success of the client’s enterprise so the timely decision of these issues can help customers to overcome all the obstacles to the successful development.