Criminal law

Criminal cases are considered as the most complicated and only some lawyers are able to take them. However, our specialists have sufficient knowledge of the legislation as well as many years of experience in the conduction of criminal cases with maximal level of the efficiency. Therefore, we are ready to offer high-quality legal services in the field of criminal law.

We work in many areas, including economic and official crimes (tax evasion, bringing to bankruptcy, financial fraud, abuse of authority, embezzlement, fraud, property damage, etc.), as well as with more serious crimes (causing bodily damage, excess of self-defense, manslaughter, etc.).

Moreover, the competences of our lawyers and attorneys include representation of the interests of many companies during government inspections and protection of rights in court cases connected with state control over the business. Thanks to this, we have an extensive authority to fulfil all our obligations.

Our services include presence at any client’s investigative action, familiarization with the case materials, preparation and submission of applications or petitions for holding the additional investigative actions, changes of a qualification and measure of restraint, as well as the cessation of proceedings against the defendant. Moreover, having rights to study cases, being able to hold meetings with the client, having the ability to collect and present the evidence, as well as participating in the interrogation, we can help customers in any situation. As a result, we may influence leveling the illegal actions on the part of the authorities, achieving the full performance in the closing or reducing of the restrictive measures regarding to our client.

We provide consulting on a basis of deep knowledge of criminal proceedings established under the legislation and apply them in our practice, taking into account all the features of the case.