Dispute Resolution

PROFECTO law firm holds leading position in the field of the disputes resolution and is a trusted advisor and counsel of many Ukrainian and foreign companies. We offer a wide range of the management services in disputes, starting from the administrative disputes and ending with the criminal ones.

Besides representing clients in disputes, we provide a constant consultation on the subject of risks conjugation in the complex affairs. Participation of our lawyers in the jurisdiction and dispute resolution largely influences the course and, as a rule, positively affects the results for the client.

Deep knowledge and many years of experience in the practice of dispute resolution, creation of unique judicial precedents, and understanding of the local and international features allow us performing our job in clients’ rights protection at the highest level. Our practical skills, tightly combined with theoretical training, give a possibility to develop a strategy in advance, to offer effective non-standard solutions of the most complicated issues.

All the assigned tasks are solved as efficiently as possible, since we always work on the highest results and specific business objectives achievement.