Tax law

Specialists of PROFECTO law firm have an extensive practical experience in the area of fiscal law not only in the country but also in the implementation of international transactions. We provide consulting to our clients, basing on the main aspects of the enterprise, legislation in the field of fiscal law as well economic opportunities of the client.

Thank to us, you may reduce the size of the fines, penalties, charges or arrears, be able to save financial funds from the penalties or get a return from the overpaid tax¬† obligations. In addition, we assist in the release of the financial funds or property from seizure, and help to maintain the company’s profitability. Moreover, specialists provide help during inspections by the authorities on taxation, as well as decisions appeal, actions and inactions of government agencies, decisions of administrative violations, and provide legal assistance in criminal proceedings.

With our help, you can avoid many problems and get a full legal support with minimal financial losses and time costs. We deeply understand our sphere so always guarantee success in all affairs of our client.