If you are a university graduate or continue learning, are goal-oriented, and want to build a real career of the lawyer or the attorney – PROFECTO law firm can help you with this. Every year we announce a competition for an internship in our company in order to identify the best potential, which in the future could become a part of our company and worthily perform all the duties of a professional.

During the candidates’ selection, first, we pay attention to the performance in special subjects, knowledge level of certain areas of the legal sphere, and understanding of the juridical vocabulary. Proficiency in foreign languages regarded as a bonus for admission.

The important role play personal qualities of the candidates, their willingness to learn quickly, and to achieve concrete results in a short time period. Among valuable qualities also are purposefulness and the ability to produce a decent impression, pragmatism and the motivation to acquire not only knowledge in a particular area but also an extensive theoretical cognition. Well-proven interns, who showed the abilities to become a qualified professional in the future, get the main keys to the success.

We do not take interns only on the ancillary works. If we see a real potential we are eager to develop it. On the beginning, you can become an assistant of the lawyer or the attorney, learning the basics and principles of work. Internship will help you to gain strong juridical grip in order to achieve any goals in the interests of the clients, to feel the rhythm of the juridical atmosphere, and to obtain invaluable practical knowledge for further usage.

We select the true seeds, promising staff, who deserve support of skilled and experienced lawyers; highly motivated attorneys, who deserves a place in our law firm and are worthy to become a part of it. Therefore, if you meet the required criteria, are self-confident, have trust in your abilities and skills, and want to achieve more – we are waiting for you at the interview.