Corporate and M&A

Economic situation may put many companies into the difficult situations, when eventually arises the question of the beginning of the mergers and acquisitions process, investment in the new project, or waiting until the economic lull is over. For some companies in this period big investment opportunities are opened, which were absent a few years ago.

A positive practice of our law firm in the field of the corporative law and M&A is well known to lots of companies, which we supported in the solving of the complicated, innovative and complex bargains. Our work include also recommendations connected to this bargains and the issues of privatization.

In the recent years this question became quite actual and the interest to the professional consulting has been sufficiently grew up concerning the conditions of the insolvency, as well as liquidation of the legal person, optimization of the structures of the company of corporative type, and  a full debt restructuring. Concerning this question, we develop individual strategy for solving any appeared problem, which are connected to the difficulties in corporate restructuration, as well as in creation of the optimal legal and tax liabilities of your enterprise.

Specialists of PROFECTO law firm work in a sphere of corporate law and M&A, offering an extensive experience in any economic fields. We have deep knowledge in the narrow specialized issues and practically all necessary skills. Expanding knowledge into practice, we take customers’ needs as a basis to provide comprehensive legal support.