Restructuring and Insolvency

Team of the specialists of PROFECTO law firm for many years provides a maintenance of the companies in the procedure of restructuration or bankruptcy, which appeared in the result of an extensive bond of obligations or a raider attack provoked by the competitors. We offer a complex support of any issues of protection of any debtor or creditor.

A high level of knowledge and an extensive experience in this sphere help us to develop and minimize restructuration schemes of the debts according to the specifics and wishes of the client. We protect clients’ interests at the any stage, initiating maintenance and disposition of your assets, readjustment procedure, or complete liquidation of the company.

Focusing on the client’s wishes, we develop a strategy avoiding many mistakes connected to this process. Starting work, we always examine a situation completely, offering the best solutions.

Our competence includes negotiations with creditors on installment or deferred payment, representation in the court, liquidator services, and protection of the rights, and appeal of the actions of the executive services, etc.

Working with us, you get a full confidentiality as we are orienting to the client’s interests. It helped us to earn a reputation of a reliable partner and assistant. Except this, we provide an individual work plan for the each enterprise with problem issues, optimizing all the risks and charges, as well as the litigations.