Enforcement proceedings

After you had won a lawsuit and obtained a judgment, it still needs to be performed. Accordingly, all the efforts put on the result, may fail if not appeal on time to lawyers experienced in the executive production. You should not rely only on the honesty of the losing party, because the issue of the implementation of the courts’ decision occurs in the majority of those who won the case. Moreover, the court decision is not a writ of execution, and in order to get it, a party should provide the state executor with all the required documents for the opening of the executive production. Relatively, a process of the court decision enforcement may be delayed for many years.

In this case, you need to seek a qualified consultation from the executive production lawyer, which will tell you about all the ins and outs, as well as will be able to represent your interests legally in the executive office, speeding up and solving an issues connected to the recovery.

Our lawyers have years of experience in the field of the executive production. They know the different aspects of the enforcement of the debt and are ready to help opening the executory process competently and on time.

Our company services include:
1.    Consulting on the issues connected to the executory process;
2.    The legal assessment of the actions of the executive representatives;
3.    Documents’ analysis and preparation;
4.    Clients representing in the enforcement proceedings;
5.    Appealing the actions of state executor, if necessary;
6.    A full defense of the client’s rights.

What is more, our lawyers are engaged into the maintenance of the measures for finding the debtor’s property, implementation and compliance with the terms of the executory process from the debtor side and the executive service. Turning to us, the customer receives an absolute fulfilment of the claims in a timely manner with minimal time and financial expenditures.