Intellectual property

An intellectual property renders a decisive role in your business competitiveness. PROFECTO law firm is ready to protect effectively your intellectual rights, helping to raise a profitability from their usage.

Right after the moment of our foundation, we stood up for the defense of the interests of our clients from unfair competition through an active practice in a sphere of protection of intellectual property rights. Due to such practice, we acquired an extensive experience, knowledge, and skills in this area. So now, we can confidently work on the new cases, which always end up successfully on our part.

Our duties include providing a full consulting on a wide range of issues, from the registration procedure to the systematization, as well as implementation of the cross-border transactions or transfer of the intellectual property rights. In addition, we take care of all the tax and regulatory issues, protecting your rights and thinking about the defense strategy in advance.

Our practice in this sphere allows holding disputes on the invalidation of law enforcement documents, the protection of exclusive rights, including disputes on the various types of fraudulent or unfair competition.

Services of our company include:
1.    Preparation of all the necessary documents for the cession of a right on the trade mark, attainment of the franchising and licensing documents, agreement related to the protection of the object of intellectual property and connected commercial classified information, copyright agreement and agreement on the transfer of confidential information;
2.    A legal representation of the client interests in any disputes, connected to the matters of intellectual property (litigations, the legal fights against counterfeiting, patents or copyrights, rights on design and domain names, disputes on the various agreements on intellectual property, etc.);
3.    A full legal support of the case in the different courts.
Providing an everyday legal support in the field of intellectual rights, our experience estimates work with many companies, starting from the most popular and ending with the beginning startups. We represent interests of our clients in the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine, in the courts, in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, in the internal affairs organs, and in the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine.